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This year, we’ve seen just how much our tenants rely on their buildings to provide for them. During the lockdown, apartment buildings became more than just a place to sleep and cook – they became the tenant’s entire life. The UK rental market was already competitive enough before the pandemic, but now we’re seeing that tenants demand considered and attractive solutions for all of their daily needs. For most prospective tenants, being able to demonstrate that your property will tick these boxes right off the bat is a huge selling point.

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Creating a Resident Space

This is why it’s so important to have a visible and appealing fix for parcel management as part of your prospect tour. It’s more than just a room – it will show off your property’s ethos of putting the tenant first and valuing their time. Saying that they’ll have to wait in line at reception won’t cut it anymore.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge upswing in online orders: deliveries have surpassed the 2019 holiday season and have stuck at that level. Picking up deliveries is now a part of the tenant’s daily routine, making it all the more important to address early on. With many tenants doing the majority of their shopping online, the parcel room has shot up the amenities ladder to have just as much (if not more) added value as a flashy gym or entertainment area.

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A Future-Proof Solution

Of course, parcel management solutions aren’t an insignificant investment. They’ll require set-up time and space, and some options like parcel lockers have a high upfront capital cost. The parcel management solution you choose should be able to accommodate all size & quantities of parcels and scale up with increasing demand for online shopping. Have a think about the most common essential deliveries. When tenants first move in, they’ll be buying large items like duvets and ironing boards. Day to day, hefty larder filling orders are showing up more and more. We’re proud to say that Parcel SafePlace can take these deliveries with ease. Unfortunately, other options like lockers don’t have this flexibility, meaning that concierges will have to take on the excess oversize orders – adding confusion and bringing us back to the original problem.

We’ve been working hard to make sure that Parcel SafePlace is the best solution for parcel management in these changing times. We’re in the process of rolling out new scanning software that cuts our parcel processing time to just seconds. Now, couriers will find it even easier to drop off orders at the secure room, with no involvement from property staff. Our contact-free method automatically notifies residents with pictures of their deliveries to pick up at their leisure. Parcel SafePlace is the ideal futureproof parcel management system which puts the customer experience first – check out some of our great Google Reviews to hear it from the users themselves. As always, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we can make Parcel SafePlace work for you and your properties.