• It has never been more important to create a Parcel SafePlace parcel room and market it as one of your key amenities. They reassure your residents that the items they order will be collected, properly stored and sorted until they are ready to pick them up. Here are five reasons [...]

  • Reputation counts for a lot across the residential sector. It takes a long time to build a positive reputation; tending to the needs of residents and championing best business practices while keeping the books balanced and investors happy. But the time spent growing your development’s standing is worth it in [...]

    By Published On: 7 December 2021Categories: General, Residential Buildings, Tenant Convenience
  • When you run a residential development, it’s always useful to know how happy your residents are. In a competitive market where other BTR and PBSA companies are always trying to one-up each other, the knowledge you gain on your residents can make all the difference when it comes to retention. [...]

    By Published On: 6 December 2021Categories: Residential Buildings, Tenant Convenience
  • PRS rental properties are by far the most numerous types of accommodation in the residential sector. Despite the rise of BTR, build to rent is in its infancy, and most renters aren’t aware of it. They’re still turning to traditional apartment buildings. This is great news for any landlord who [...]

    By Published On: 24 November 2021Categories: PRS, Residential Buildings, Security, Tenant Convenience
  • People lead very busy lives. If we’re not at work, we’re visiting friends and family, looking after the kids, doing the weekly shop, trying our best at the gym, and all while trying to fit in seven or eight hours of sleep every night.

    By Published On: 8 September 2021Categories: Residential Buildings, Tenant Convenience
  • Parcel management in residential buildings can be a pain for staff. It feels like every five minutes, concierges and receptionists need to stop what they’re doing to handle a delivery or help a resident find their package.

    By Published On: 11 May 2021Categories: Tenant Convenience
  • In most cases, the needs of tenants will influence what amenities are on offer in residential buildings. If tenants are asking for a workout room or more outside space, property managers will find a way to make these requests a reality.It’s very much the same for student accommodation facilities. If enough students put in a reasonable request, PBSA developers and operators take it under consideration.

    By Published On: 22 March 2021Categories: Tenant Convenience