• PRS rental properties are by far the most numerous types of accommodation in the residential sector. Despite the rise of BTR, build to rent is in its infancy, and most renters aren’t aware of it. They’re still turning to traditional apartment buildings. This is great news for any landlord who [...]

    By Published On: 24 November 2021Categories: PRS, Residential Buildings, Security, Tenant Convenience
  • If you cast your mind back to April 2016, you may remember when the European Union first discussed the concept of GDPR. You might also remember the neverending onslaught of emails from businesses asking if they could keep your contact details on file as well.While it was a bit of a pain at the time, opting in and out of various company updates and agreements, GDPR plays a huge role in preventing the misuse of everyone’s personal data.In this blog, we explain why parcel rooms need to be compliant and how Parcel SafePlace ensures the proper handling of your tenants’ personal details.

    By Published On: 12 March 2021Categories: Security