• You have a lot of responsibilities as a residential operator, and finding ways to improve building management is almost always at the top of the list.

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  • The modern way of life has severely impacted the planet. While it might not seem much, the effect of greenhouse gases has raised Earth’s temperature by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, which has disrupted the delicate balance of nature. If left unchecked, this will lead to more extreme weather patterns, the melting of the polar ice caps and a great number of animals becoming extinct.

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  • We spend a lot of time discussing how parcel tracking software and dedicated package rooms help your staff and residents. But there’s another key group that benefits from our product; the couriers.Couriers are the unsung heroes of the delivery world. Come rain or shine, day in and day out, they carry heavy parcels around with them, making sure everything is delivered safely.

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  • Package management in residential buildings has quickly become a hot topic. It seems like every day, the amount of deliveries your team has to handle just grows and grows.Naturally, this is having a huge effect on workloads, costing site teams countless hours over the weeks and months. Not only are they fulfilling their roles as managers and resident advisers, they’re on the fringe of becoming full-time postal workers, too.

  • Accepting parcel deliveries for your residents is an extra service that most of them will appreciate. After all, if residents aren’t around to take the delivery themselves, you and your team save them a trip to the sorting office.

  • Parcel management in residential and commercial buildings has been a hassle for reception and concierge staff for far too long. To bring order to the chaos, we’ve established PSP Lite...

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  • I was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Services at AMLI, and every day I was receiving complaints from our property staff about package deliveries (often with a picture of their lobby overrun with boxes). Our multi-family properties were receiving hundreds of packages a day

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  • With 11 years in the delivery sector working as a postman, I have experienced first-hand the growing parcel problem. I’ve worked with many different parcel management solutions ranging from lockers to concierges storing parcels behind desks, unmanned parcel rooms, and simply taking resident requests to leave parcels on their doorsteps.

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  • This year, we’ve seen just how much our tenants rely on their buildings to provide for them. During the lockdown, apartment buildings became more than just a place to sleep and cook

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