• Many residential developments provide access to key amenities. Gyms, a roof terrace, co-working spaces and cafe kiosks are all available, but not everyone will actually use these facilities. Yet your parcel room will be widely used. Throughout each month in 2021, internet sales counted towards at least 25% of all [...]

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  • Accepting parcel deliveries for your residents is an extra service that most of them will appreciate. After all, if residents aren’t around to take the delivery themselves, you and your team save them a trip to the sorting office.

  • Costs. They’re one of the few things every business would be happy to see drop right down to zero. In reality, that’s not going to happen. There’s always some expenditure to pay.But a significant reduction in costs is still a huge win, and finding ways to reduce expenditure while also improving the life of your staff and residents is a major coup.

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  • Parcel management in residential and commercial buildings has been a hassle for reception and concierge staff for far too long. To bring order to the chaos, we’ve established PSP Lite...

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  • I was the Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Services at AMLI, and every day I was receiving complaints from our property staff about package deliveries (often with a picture of their lobby overrun with boxes). Our multi-family properties were receiving hundreds of packages a day

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