By Published On: 23 August 2021Categories: Parcel Management, PBSA

With every new academic year, another influx of students bursts onto the scene, full of energy and excited about the prospects that lie ahead. And every year, there’s also a lot of staff working in purpose-built student accommodation bracing themselves for the onslaught that comes with their arrival.

The first couple of weeks of term are pandemonium. Students need some time to settle into their new lives, and staff have to manage a workload that has doubled overnight.

It’s a lot to handle, especially since the amount of students has risen every year since 2014. If the trend continues, it’s only going to get tougher to manage move-ins.

But an effective student parcel delivery system will keep things in order. We explain how the right parcel management set-up gives your student residents and staff more time and space for the perfect start to uni life

A Helping Hand for Staff & Students


The student move-in experience has changed a great deal with the rise of internet shopping. Before online retailers changed consumer trends with lower prices and speedy delivery times all across the UK, the done thing was to buy all the necessities for university before leaving.

This also meant students were taking a lot of heavy luggage on the train with them, or roping in Mum & Dad to travel halfway across the country because their cars had ample boot space.
Students don’t need to do this anymore. Everything they need can be bought and delivered at the click of a button. But with delivery times as broad as 7:00 in the morning and 20:00 in the evening, there’s very little chance of them sitting inside and waiting all day.

While the students are out exploring the city and getting to grips with their new-found freedom, it’s up to the front-of-house staff to handle the deliveries.
Without a solution in place, it won’t be long until the front desk is overflowing with parcels. You could always refuse to take packages in, but you want to form a friendship based on respect with the students. Turning away deliveries won’t help that cause. This is why having a plan in place is crucial to your staff and the students.

A Much-Needed Storage Solution

Keeping on top of parcel deliveries is difficult at the best of times, but the start of the academic year presents a challenge like no other. The number of packages that arrive in the first couple of weeks can be triple the average amount, and all those deliveries need to be stored somewhere.

Without a dedicated parcel room, packages clutter the front desk, which will:

  • Make organisation difficult
  • Create a health & safety risk
  • Leave parcels more susceptible to damage and theft

Parcel rooms are the best solution. Not only do they provide plenty of storage space, high-level security measures make them incredibly safe places to leave deliveries until the owners can pick them up.

Some PBSA operators have looked into installing lockers for deliveries, but they don’t provide a comprehensive solution. When students order larger essentials such as bedding, there’s not a locker big enough for storage. These items then usually end up in the hands of front-of-house staff, which defeats the purpose of a locker in the first place.

More Time to Help Students


For many young people, going to university will be their first time away from home, and everyone reacts to this in a different way. Some will absolutely love their new-found freedom and others are going to find it difficult being away from friends and family.

The more support your staff can provide, the better. However, if front-of-house staff (arguably the face of your development) are trying to balance their customer care duties with wave after wave of package management, something is going to falter unless you have a student parcel delivery system in place.

The right set-up — such as a parcel room or an electronic parcel logging system like PSP Lite — will free up your staff’s time, so it can be put to better use.

A package room gives couriers a place to store items without having to leave deliveries at the front desk and without the never-ending struggle of fitting an oversized item into an undersized locker.

PSP Lite can be used to check in packages in as little as 5 seconds with push notifications being automatically sent to the owners. If that sounds good to you, get in touch to see if your development qualifies for a free two-month trial.

Some ways your team can utilise their time to benefit the students includes:

  • Setting up social events
  • Assisting with enquiries
  • Conducting building tours

Are You Prepared for the New Academic Year?

The start of term is always a handful, but an effective student parcel delivery system will streamline the hectic first few weeks. With students able to adjust to their surroundings and with staff able to free up their time to help, the new academic year can get started without any hiccups.

Parcel SafePlace provides the best options for package management, whether you’re looking for a full parcel room or an easy-to-use electronic logging system.
Make sure to reach out to us for more information and assistance.