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Many residential developments provide access to key amenities. Gyms, a roof terrace, co-working spaces and cafe kiosks are all available, but not everyone will actually use these facilities.

Yet your parcel room will be widely used. Throughout each month in 2021, internet sales counted towards at least 25% of all total retail sales during that year. It’s a trend that’s growing year-on-year, as more people prefer the convenience of shopping online. 

So, with that in mind, does your parcel room see the same level of marketing as your other amenities?  In some developments, residents don’t even know there is a parcel room until they move in — that’s assuming they do move in. Another building might have won them over by showcasing all their amenities.

To ensure your package room is common knowledge among new and existing residents, you have to market it. Below, we explain the best tried and tested marketing techniques for you to use.

Add Content to Your Website


People like to carry out extensive research when choosing a place to live, and the internet gives you much greater reach. Chances are high that the first time someone comes across your development, it will be online. With that in mind, you need to come across with a bang.

An ‘Amenities’ section is perfect for advertising your parcel room, plus all the other great facilities you have on offer. Be sure to add plenty of written content to your amenity pages. For your parcel room, you can mention the size of the room and explain how sets of units have their own dedicated space, so residents don’t have to go rummaging for their packages.

You should also list the security features you have in place that will give residents and potential residents peace of mind. As standard, Parcel SafePlace package rooms come with:

  • One-time-use access codes
  • 24–hour CCTV coverage
  • A full electronic logging system that registers:
    • Who has entered the room
    • At what time the room was opened
    • The user’s contact details

To fully sell the plus points of your parcel room, make sure to mention the benefits as well. Residents can order items online knowing they’ll never miss a delivery, and package rooms can also be used for drycleaning and grocery shopping. Ultimately, your room increases the amount of convenience residents will experience living in your development.

And don’t forget the visuals. Using a professional photographer will yield the best results, giving potential residents a very strong first impression of your parcel room.

Make Your Package Room a Part of Your Tours


The quality of your website will lead to more enquiries, and this is where you and your team have an opportunity to make the biggest impact. Potential residents looking for more information will be open to a tour of your development, so try to book them in at their earliest convenience.

Reading about amenities and seeing photos piques curiosity, but nothing compares to seeing facilities in reality. Showing potential residents the gym and games room is all well and good, but as we mentioned earlier, not everyone will use them. You need to include more practical pit stops in every tour as well.

Online shopping has become such a big part of our everyday life that your parcel management system will be an influential factor in whether a resident chooses your development over another.

The tour gives you the chance to show potential residents how your parcel room works. You can walk them through it step-by-step, pointing out how easy it is to use and the security features you’ve installed along the way. It’s also a good opportunity to highlight that your parcel room is included in the cleaning scope to reassure potential residents that it’s always well maintained.

Finally, let them see the inside of the parcel room. Let them take a good look around, so they can see how much space is available and how well organised packages are kept, adding to your development’s professional reputation.

Remember to Hand Out a Brochure


After the tour is finished, make sure to have a brochure on hand to give potential residents. There are two key reasons why this is a smart move:

  1. High quality brochures reaffirm your development is a touch above the rest
  2. It’s a physical piece of marketing that potential residents will return to, something that will stay on their coffee table until they’ve made a decision to sign a tenancy agreement

Put simply, you want your development to be front and centre of their minds. Literature with your brand’s name on the front is hard to ignore.

The content and images should be engaging and explain more details about the development and local area. Think about including:

  • A foreword from the building manager
  • Local attractions
  • And highlight your key amenities

A brochure gives you one last opportunity to push your development. Make it friendly, make it helpful, and underline the importance of facilities such as parcel rooms. Make sure to include just as many practical amenities as you do sociable ones.

You Can’t Market What You Don’t Have

Effective parcel management isn’t just a luxury anymore for residential developments, it’s a necessity. But it’s a necessity that’s easy to overlook.

You might not have realised how much residents value your assistance when it comes to their online orders, as it’s common to think gyms and TV rooms are what matter most. In truth, it’s convenience and practicality that’s important to residents.

However, you can’t market what you don’t have, and if you’re struggling to manage the amount of parcels you see every day, a new solution is needed.

Parcel rooms from Parcel SafePlace offer a great deal of benefits to residents and staff. If you don’t currently have a room and would like to see one in action, reach out to a member of our team and discover the true benefits for yourself.

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