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The concierge plays a huge role in residential buildings. In most cases, they are the face of your development; the first person who wishes your residents a good morning and a pleasant evening.

But their role goes far beyond basic pleasantries. A good concierge helps keep the building running smoothly and they act as the voice for residents to ensure they have the best living experience.

In short, the importance of concierge services in your development can’t be overstated.

We answer the burning question of “what does a concierge do in an apartment building?” plus we explain why you need their services to keep your development operating at its peak.

What is a Concierge?

A concierge is best described as a building-wide caretaker. Their role is multifaceted, and no day is ever the same. They act as:

  • Greeters
  • Assistants
  • Receptionists
  • An extra pair of eyes for security
  • Team leaders
  • The go-between for residents, other staff members and management

Put simply, a building can’t operate at the top level without a concierge. They have the smarts and the skills to cover many different roles in your development. In fact, if you put them on a football pitch, they could probably play in every position and fill your trophy cabinet with silverware.

What Does a Concierge Do in an Apartment Building?

The traditional and outdated image of a concierge is usually reserved for five-star hotels in New York City; opening doors, carrying heavy luggage and holding an umbrella as a guest walks from the building to their car.

Hollywood films really downplay the importance of concierge services, barely even scratching the surface of their role. John Wick’s concierge might be the only exception to that rule, but then again, his services are very much one of a kind.

If you have a dog, though, you can guarantee Charon would do a great job of looking after the little guy.

In residential settings, a concierge’s value is arguably even lesser known. Many people ask what does a concierge do in an apartment building because their role is so under-represented, particularly in the UK.

But a concierge is one of the greatest assets you have in improving resident satisfaction. They take great care to ensure the building is running efficiently and the needs of residents are attended to.

As part of their varied job role, you’ll often see a concierge:

  • Organising and overseeing maintenance work in communal areas and individual units
  • Arranging transport
  • Working as a porter
  • Acting as a deterrent to prevent unauthorised entry
  • Helping to organise community events
  • Assisting new residents find their way around the building
  • Protecting John Wick from unbridaled carnage

Concierge staff will also take in deliveries for residents. However, in large BTR and PBSA buildings, this can mean concierges are managing hundreds of parcels every week.

It adds a lot to their workload, but it provides residents with another benefit and more of a reason to sign a new lease agreement when their current one runs out.

This level of dedication further underlines the importance of concierge services. Their work helps to keep a building at capacity, ensuring continued profits for the development.

Parcel management software — such as PSP Lite — and dedicated package rooms save concierge staff countless hours, as parcels are delivered, logged and securely stored in next to no time. Our electronic logging software registers each item in 5 seconds. Take a look at our PSP Lite service and see if you qualify for a free two-month trial.

How Common is a Concierge Service?

Build to Rent and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation developments come with premium costs that residents are happy to pay. However, the only reason higher rental figures aren’t an issue is because residents know their needs will be taken care of.

People lead busy lives these days. If they’re not at work, they’re out exploring the city or meeting up with friends and family. For students in PBSAs, they’re often attending lectures and seminars, working at their part-time job, out having fun or visiting their parents for the weekend.

If they aren’t around to accept parcel deliveries, oversee maintenance work or even water the plants in their apartments, they need someone they trust to do these things for them.

Most developments understand this, which is why concierge services are becoming more commonplace across the UK. A concierge sends out the right message to potential residents, that the building has a touch of luxury to it and help is on hand if needed.

It also makes it easier for residents to report problems, as there’s a trusted face they recognise and who has proven to be a proactive member of your team time and time again.

A 12-hour concierge service is expected as standard, but the very top developments provide a full 24-hour service. Their presence even helps developments score higher ratings.

According to the National Build to Rent report 2021, having a concierge correlates to an average 4.8% higher star rating, which could be the deciding factor for attracting new residents and retaining current ones.

The Importance of Concierge Services

Your concierges take on a lot of responsibility, and they bring a lot of added value to residential buildings. However, they’re human just like the rest of us, and while they can be counted on to help, they need the right support so they’re not overworked and burnt out.

One of their hardest day-to-day tasks is package management. But with Parcel SafePlace, your entire front-of-house team will benefit from the amount of time saved and fewer interruptions.

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