By Published On: 23 June 2021Categories: General

How many times a week do your staff have to stop what they’re doing to handle parcel deliveries from couriers or collections from residents?

You don’t have to answer, we know it’s a lot.

In some ways, it’s part of the job; you’ll always get residents who enjoy the one-to-one with receptionists and concierges, and as an operator, it’s key to retain touch points with residents to enhance customer satisfaction and keep your finger on the pulse.

But there comes a point when parcel-related interruptions infringe on efficiency.

Automated parcel rooms are an essential resource to stop your staff from becoming middlemen between couriers and residents. The courier simply leaves the parcel in a secure room, and the resident picks it up when they have the time. No fuss, and no need to interrupt your team.

A dedicated package room is a great time-saver at a low cost, but they have a lot of other advantages as well. We list some of the other key reasons to install a smart parcel room in your residential building.

A Safe Place to Store Parcels


Accepting deliveries for residents isn’t an obligation. It’s a convenient extra that most customer service associates will do purely because they know residents appreciate the gesture. As the popularity of online deliveries continues to grow, though, it’s getting to the point where this service is becoming an expectation and not just an added bonus.

According to the Office of National Statistics, internet sales rose by a staggering 174% between May 2019 and May 2020. Since then, online shopping has remained consistently popular with 29.4% of all retail sales taking place online as of April 2021.

So if you’re regularly accepting parcels for residents, should your site team be liable if anything is damaged or goes missing? Absolutely not! Even just a small percentage of claims made by residents could result in significant — yet avoidable expenditure — if your company has no choice but to take responsibility.

Having a parcel room installed limits liability as:

  • Staff don’t handle the packages
  • A one-time-use code is needed to gain access to the room
  • A full electronic parcel log tells you exactly who entered the room and at what time
  • CCTV cameras monitor the room 24/7
  • All parcels are kept in one dedicated space to prevent any items from being misplaced

Even if a parcel room isn’t right for you at this moment in time, there are two other ways you can limit liability:

Use PSP Lite to keep track of all packages being signed in and signed out.

Make sure your standard lease has a clause that outlines exactly how much responsibility you take for parcels being damaged or going missing.

You can find more information on how to protect you and your staff with our blog, “What You Should be Doing to Limit Parcel Liability.”

Expand into other Delivery Services


Your residents are busy people. In many instances, the weekend is the only time they have to really get their mundane chores done. But does anyone want to spend Saturday and Sunday going to the dry cleaners and doing the weekly shop?

Parcel rooms aren’t just for parcels. We know residents who use our parcel rooms have their dry cleaning delivered right to the building.

And providing a cold storage room or fridge area can be implemented, a resident can have their shopping order delivered and kept fresh until collection at their convenience.

Anything that can be delivered to a parcel room, should be. Your residents will appreciate the added convenience, which goes a long way when it comes to lease renewals.

Key Selling Point for a Guided Tour


Every BTR & PBSA property needs an extra little something to make it stand out. And being able to showcase such a convenient amenity will help you do just that.

A parcel room is universally used by everyone. The gym, bar, restaurant, games room and cinema space aren’t always going to be the main attraction for potential residents, so you need to show them something that’s practical and well worth the rental figure.

Having the package room as part of your tour will make it clear how much you value resident happiness, and that your site teams are organised, experienced and efficient. It’s a unique selling point that you should take full advantage of.

The Key Uses for a Parcel Room

Let’s recap the main uses for a installing a dedicated parcel room in your residential building:

  • Save your staff valuable time
  • Keep parcels safe
  • Use available space more effectively
  • Protect your resident advisors from liability
  • Added convenience for your residents
  • Keep track of who is living in your building
  • Unique selling point for guided tours
  • get in contact with the Parcel SafePlace team.