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Parcel SafePlace is the UK’s most innovative parcel delivery solution

Whether you’re operating a large residential property or managing a commercial office building.

However, we understand that not all buildings have a space that can be dedicated to parcel deliveries.

This is why we created PSP Lite!

With PSP Lite, you still get all the benefits of our technology, but the courier drops off parcels with your reception or concierge staff.

We handle the notifications and electronic parcel logs. Your customers enjoy the freedom of having their parcels safely tracked and stored until they can pick them up.

PSP Lite works in favour of everyone involved.

Your staff can easily organise deliveries, your residents benefit from a unique amenity, and even the couriers will be grateful for the 100% successful delivery rate every time they enter your building.

How Does PSP Lite Work?

The Delivery

When parcels arrive for your residents, the courier will scan each package at the kiosk and leave the deliveries at the reception.

Alternatively, your staff can take a picture of the parcel label with their phones. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology captures all of the important information. This ensures all packages are registered correctly with no mistakes and without you having to type a thing.

The Pick-Up

Our PSP system will notify the resident when their parcel has arrived. The resident can choose to be notified by SMS and/or email.

When it’s convenient for them, the resident can simply collect their parcel with a one-time-use code. Once picked up, the parcel is marked as collected on the electronic logging system.

Why Use PSP Lite?

PSP Lite creates a simple solution to parcel management, and there are many benefits to this service for both you and your residents.

With PSP Lite, you can:

  • Transition away from needless logbooks and paperwork
  • Collect and store packages without the need for bulky locker systems
  • Save a huge amount of time on parcel management
  • Provide a much-needed and valued amenity for residents
  • Gather useful parcel data
  • Ensure a resident never misses a parcel delivery

Is PSP Lite Right For You & Your Residents?

PSP Lite helps you keep track of packages without the need for a customer accessible storage room. If you’re short on space and simply need a straightforward package management system, PSP Lite is the answer.

The technology we put in place also makes things much easier for residents. Once their package has been scanned in, the one-time-use release code lets them pick their parcel up at a time that suits them.

There’s only one sure-fire way to know for certain if PSP Lite is right for you and your customers, and that’s by getting in touch with us to see if you qualify for a free trial.

We offer a two-month trial period at zero cost to qualified customers.