Parcel SafePlace

Put parcels in the hands of residents without involving your staff.
Remove the hassle and secure delivery, giving residents the freedom to collect their packages whenever they like.

Parcel SafePlace benefits:

  • We handle 100% of parcels, any shape, size or quantity
  • All parcel deliveries tracked through a surveillance system and door logging
  • In-depth reports at building or portfolio level, including delivery time, resident picture and signature.

How it works: in 3 easy steps

  • Couriers deliver to a secure room in your building using touchscreen technology
  • Residents receive a notification informing them of secure parcel delivery
  • Residents retrieve their parcels with a unique code and benefit from 24/7 access

Secure your residents’ parcels by telling us the number of units at your property for recommended room size:

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PSP Lite

All the benefits of Parcel SafePlace’s technology without the physical room
Secure your parcels and improve package delivery, even if you don’t have the space for a resident-accessible room

PSP lite benefits:

  • Easily manage reception area and reduce queues and crowds at the concierge desk
  • Electronic parcel logging system without the need for a standalone room
  • Track packages for your residents
  • One-time use code means packages go to the right people, every time

Find out how PSP lite can work for your building:

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Amazon Key for Business

Amazon Key for Business

A smarter way for multi-unit buildings and gated communities to receive Amazon deliveries

Amazon Key for business benefits:

  • Give Amazon couriers direct access to your site with a one-time access code
  • Couriers are verified in real-time and only receive limited access to deliver parcels
  • A smart device integrates into your building’s current access system with the Amazon Delivery app

Amazon Key for business pairs with:

  • Fob readers
  • Call boxes
  • Remote openers
  • Coded gates
  • Motorised gates and doors

Get Amazon Key for business in your building:

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