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Amid a rapidly evolving urban landscape, Urban Bubble encountered a complex challenge: the need to manage a burgeoning influx of resident parcels without overburdening existing staff. Faced with the prohibitive costs of hiring additional personnel, they sought a contemporary, cost-effective solution. This case study delves into their journey towards finding a modern remedy to the logistical complexities posed by the surge in online shopping and how Parcel SafePlace emerged as the innovative solution, revolutionising their parcel management system and yielding significant time savings and enhanced operational efficiency.


Brief Background

Urban Bubble faced a multifaceted challenge: the need to significantly increase
their capacity to manage resident parcels, while ensuring the solution imposed
minimal demands on their existing staff’s time. The prospect of hiring additional
staff members across their portfolio to address this issue was financially
prohibitive. Consequently, they were in search of a contemporary, cost-effective
alternative that could efficiently resolve their predicament.

The Challenge

The rapid rise in online shopping has meant that the number of parcels
residential buildings receive has increased exponentially. In large multi-residence
buildings, this has led to a daily influx of hundreds or even thousands of parcels a
day. This creates a large logistical challenge in both deliveries and collections.
It’s a very modern problem created by technological convenience that needs a
modern solution that’s also based on technological convenience.

The Parcel SafePlace Solution

Parcel SafePlace has developed a technologically advanced and dependable
solution that smoothly addresses the dynamic challenges of parcel delivery. Our
innovative system enables parcels to be directly delivered to a secure room, with
the entire process seamlessly managed through our cutting-edge technology.
This means that with Parcel SafePlace, you can effortlessly scale the volume of
deliveries you receive without the need for additional staff time to oversee the
process. Moreover, our solution guarantees successful first-time deliveries to a
safe, secure, and convenient location, every single time.

The Outcome

For Urban Bubble, this transformation has resulted in an impressive saving of
40,000 hours of staff time. This significant achievement translates into an
additional 40,000 hours available for building management and engaging with
residents. The scale of time saved across Urban Bubble’s portfolio becomes
apparent when considering their handling of over 600,000 parcels, equating to
1,200,000 interactions. This comes from 35 different couriers all within a
mere 4-hour holding period. This efficiency not only represents a substantial time
saving but also ensures secure and traceable storage for every parcel, effectively
eliminating the issues of missed deliveries and theft.



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