Another huge step in solving parcel management for multi-tenant buildings, Parcel SafePlace has teamed up with Amazon to ensure all deliveries from the company are completed first time, every time. With this affiliation, your residents will receive the best possible parcel delivery service, at no extra cost to you and with no extra work involved.

How Does it Work?

Amazon’s Key for Business service gives the company’s delivery team access to your site without the need for you or another property manager to step in. A smart device is seamlessly integrated into your building’s current access system with the Amazon Delivery app. Key for Business is easily paired with:

  • Fob readers
  • Call boxes
  • Remote openers
  • Coded gates
  • Motorised gates and doors

As security is a key concern for both Parcel SafePlace and Amazon, a great deal of measures are put in place to guarantee safe use of the service. Couriers receive one-time access to the building via the Amazon Cloud, and they are verified in real-time. This means staff spend less time handling deliveries and can spend more time attending to residents.

Amazon couriers can only gain time-limited access to your property if they have Amazon packages to deliver to that specific development. The clear and concise instructions Amazon sends to their couriers ensures the company is delivering packages to your secure Parcel SafePlace. Full instructions on how to use the parcel kiosk are also sent to the courier, which breaks the process down into easy-to-follow steps.

The Benefits

Parcel rooms are the most used amenities from residents, as they’re highly convenient and work around busy lifestyles. The greater service you can provide, the happier your residents will be. Amazon delivers millions of parcels across the UK every year and is one of the biggest online retailers in the world. With the ability to gain access to your building without assistance, deliveries can be completed with less hassle to you, your residents and the couriers. Here are just some of the ways our joint service will help:

  • Your concierge is away from the desk (for example, on a restroom break, assisting with a resident issue or the front desk isn’t staffed on weekends. Amazon can still ensure first time deliveries.)
  • If your property has a clearer delivery path that avoids the reception area, this parcel delivery system allows Amazon to use a better entry point.
  • If you have one parcel room that covers several buildings, the instructions can be sent for all the addresses.
  • New Amazon couriers have your exact parcel handling instructions sent straight to their device.
  • The time you save and the thoroughness of Amazon’s delivery team combine to make a better living experience, which will play a huge part in encouraging residents to stay for the long-term.

Exciting Times Ahead

We’re entering a new phase of parcel management thanks to our affiliation with Amazon Key for Business. It’s great news for all involved that the eCommerce giant is working with us to ensure every delivery from their warehouses is completed first time. And of course, this service is available to all our new and existing Parcel SafePlace clients free of charge. To offer your residents the very best delivery solution, contact a member of our team, so we can set your building up with Amazon Key for Business.