By Published On: 19 May 2021Categories: Parcel Management, Parcel Safeplace, Residential Buildings

Costs. They’re one of the few things every business would be happy to see drop right down to zero. In reality, that’s not going to happen. There’s always some expenditure to pay.

But a significant reduction in costs is still a huge win, and finding ways to reduce expenditure while also improving the life of your staff and residents is a major coup.

Every process of running a residential building can be streamlined to save money, even parcel management. It’s just a matter of finding the best products and services available to you. The right package solutions won’t just save money, they save time and provide a lot of convenience, too.

So, how exactly can effective parcel management cut costs? Here’s how:

Benefit From a Technology Boost


Proptech falls under the category of ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder.’

Take your receptionists and concierges as a good example. Ask your staff how many package deliveries they’ve handled recently. More importantly, ask how many individual parcels they’ve sorted and roughly how long it takes to complete the additional work.

Don’t be surprised when you hear the numbers.

The truth is, your staff spend hours and hours undertaking parcel management duties every single month. It’s just not an effective use of their time. They’re working harder, not smarter.

Let’s say a large delivery comes in, a good 40-50 packages. Instead of tediously manually signing in each parcel, imagine if your staff can simply take a quick snap of the parcel label instead to register it. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures all the correct details are logged, and an automatic notification is sent to the parcel owner to let them know their package has arrived.

A huge amount of time is saved when you use the right software. This means staff can focus on their actual duties as opposed to doubling up as a go-between postal worker for couriers and residents.

And if they have any spare time, it can go towards:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Arranging viewings and building tours
  • Planning community events
  • Assisting other staff members

Want to try this amazing technology for yourself? You could qualify for a free two-month trial period of PSP Lite, so make sure to register your interest.

Limit Your Financial Liability


Have you ever had a resident accuse your receptionists or concierges of mishandling their packages? Have they ever been unfairly blamed for damages or missing items?

Well, they shouldn’t be. Taking in parcels for residents is not a requirement, it’s just a little extra way to provide a more personal and convenient service.

That said, the rapid growth of online shopping means effective parcel management services will soon be a necessity in residential buildings. Without the right package solutions in place, your team could be subjected to more false accusations, which in turn may leave your development liable for losses or damages.

Eliminating liability is more straightforward than you might think. Two key ways you can do this include:

  • Adding a clause leases clearly stating what is and is not your responsibility in regards to packages
  • Looking into package room solutions. Parcels bypass your team altogether, are securely stored in a keycode-access area and are monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras.

A clause in the tenancy agreement is one of the simplest ways to reduce liability. We can provide you with an example amendment drafted by a solicitor if you need to make changes to your leases.

And of course, a parcel room stops your team from becoming scapegoats. If they have never even laid eyes on missing/damaged packages, they can’t be held responsible.

Unfortunately, you can’t tell what stories people will come up with. Without the right parcel management solution, you may end up on the wrong end of the bill for a missing Rolex or a cracked family heirloom.

Make sure to read our full article on how to avoid parcel liability for more in-depth details.

Keep Residents Happy


Amenities have a huge role to play when it comes to resident happiness and wellbeing in BTR and PBSA properties. According to research by Knight Frank & UCAS, 91% of students picked their accommodation based on the facilities.

And what’s the number one amenity that all building residents ask for? Effective package solutions.

Residents have busy lives. There’s no guarantee they’ll be at home when a delivery comes in — especially when you consider the average age of a BTR resident is 28.2 years. They’ll be out at work or enjoying some time in the city.

Package room solutions are convenient and will be used by nearly every single resident. In turn this keeps them happy, and a happy resident is one who stays when their lease is up for renewal.

So, how does parcel management cut costs when it comes to tenant renewals?

If your residents don’t want to leave, you won’t have to spend time, money and effort into finding a replacement tenant. With deep cleaning the unit, marketing the property and taking the time out to show several potential residents around, the costs can easily reach into the hundreds or even break the £1000 barrier.

Can You Afford Not to Have an Effective Parcel Management Solution?

We understand that operating residential properties is a tough job. You have to find that perfect balance between keeping residents, staff and stakeholders happy.

You’d be lucky to find the right solution in every aspect of running your building, but when it comes to package management, it’s as simple as using technology and space to your advantage.

We’ve listed some of the key ways a parcel room and proptech software can save you money, but there are even more advantages that come with effective parcel management.

To learn more, make sure to get in touch with our team.