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We spend a lot of time discussing how parcel tracking software and dedicated package rooms help your staff and residents. But there’s another key group that benefits from our product; the couriers.

Couriers are the unsung heroes of the delivery world. Come rain or shine, day in and day out, they carry heavy parcels around with them, making sure everything is delivered safely.

Our parcel rooms were designed with every user in mind; you, your residents and the couriers. They have to work for everyone, or the concept falls apart.

When I first came across Parcel SafePlace, I was working as a postman. The large deliveries I made to buildings that used automated parcel rooms were the best part of my day. Safely checking in and storing parcels became a simple job.

I was so impressed by PSP’s service that I decided to work for the company with my inside-knowledge being used to create an even better service.

Building better relationships between couriers and your staff is one of our key aims. Anything that improves their working day and yours is bound to lead to a better service. Below, we detail our top tips

Be Friendly & Helpful


It might sound like an obvious point, but how does your site team really feel when they see a courier approach the desk with a huge collection of parcels? Even the brightest and cheeriest receptionist can falter when they sense a large amount of work is on its way.

Needless to say, a delivery of 50 or more packages takes up a lot of your time, but it’s a lot of work for the courier, too. Let’s reverse the roles for a moment. If you had brought in a collection of heavy packages, and you were tired and sore from the effort, wouldn’t you feel a lot worse if it looked like you were just getting in the way of the receptionist?

It’s easy to forget that couriers are just doing their job. But a smile and a helpful attitude to tackling the mountain of packages goes a long way in keeping the mood friendly and professional.

One of the biggest reasons why front of house team members dread deliveries is because they don’t have the right tools for the job. They know a delivery will set them back in their duties, and the amount of hours lost every month is staggering.

With the right software, logging in parcels is easy. Our PSP Lite software utilises Optical Character Recognition (OCR), meaning all you need to do is take a picture of the parcel label from our kiosk and mark it as a first trip delivery to log it in. Automatic notifications are then sent to residents to let them know they have a package at the front desk.

PSP Lite makes parcel management easy for you and couriers. Best of all, you could qualify for a free two-month trial period. See for yourself how our platform builds a better relationship with couriers.

Install a Parcel Room


The easiest way to build a strong relationship with couriers is to make their job as easy as possible. The best way to do that is to install a parcel room in your residential building.

Many couriers have their own targets to meet. It could be time-related or having a high successful delivery rate. Manually checking in each item is a time-consuming process, which seriously slows down couriers. In turn, this could leave them feeling frustrated — especially if there’s only one person on the desk and your customer service advisor needs to stop handling parcels to try and lease an apartment, help with a move in or successfully complete a resident service request.

Other couriers work on a commission-style agreement. They get paid a percentage for every successful delivery they make. We know your team will take in as many deliveries as possible, but as we’ve discussed in previous blogs, staff aren’t obligated to take in more parcels than they can manage, as it can lead to liability issues.

A parcel room eliminates that problem. Instead of handing packages over to receptionists, all deliveries go straight to a dedicated room, which can only be accessed with a one-time-use code. Restricted access and 24-hour CCTV coverage means parcels are always monitored. If any item is misplaced or damaged, determining the party in the wrong is much easier.

This process works for everyone. Your development will take on less liability, residents don’t have their parcels refused, and couriers will always achieve a 100% success rate when they drop items off at your building.

Is a Parcel Room the Best Option?

You have a few options when it comes to parcel management, but we know from the feedback we’ve received from couriers and postal workers that package rooms are the best solution.

Having been a postal worker for 11 years, it’s easy for me to see why dedicated rooms are their preferred choice. Below, I list all the packagement options available and how useful they are.

Parcel Lockers

Lockers don’t work. Parcels come in large boxes, but lockers aren’t built with that in mind. They can fit small items perfectly fine, but that’s it. Plus, you can never have enough of them. When every locker was full, I had to either leave packages to the side of the lockers or go to the reception desk, which defeated the whole point.

Leaving Deliveries at the Front Desk

The only people who handle more parcels a day than couriers are front-of-house staff. I’ve spoken with many receptionists over the years, and they hate the way they have to manage packages.

It creates a lot of work for both sides, and unfortunately, you do get the odd resident playing the blame-game if anything is damaged or goes missing.

Having to go to the front desk when parcel lockers have been installed also creates a little more tension between couriers and on-site staff. Customer service teams think package lockers will stop them from having to handle parcels, but they don’t.

And if you’re in the mindset that someone is giving you more work to do that isn’t really part of your job, it can affect the rapport you’re trying to build with couriers.

Parcel SafePlace

Parcel SafePlace delivers on all fronts. Our parcel rooms are:

  • Time-efficient (less than 10 seconds to check in and store each parcel)
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient for staff, residents & couriers
  • Come with high-grade security features such as:
    • One-time-use access codes
    • 24-hour CCTV coverage
    • Electronic parcel logging to say who has checked out items and at what time

Automatic notifications are also sent to residents when their package is logged in. This relieves a lot of anxiety for couriers, as they don’t need to panic about residents being unaware of their deliveries downstairs

Building Your Courier Relationships

Building a positive working relationship with couriers is relatively straightforward. Much like your site team, they simply have a job that needs doing, and the right tools and attitude are a winning combination.

To learn more about Parcel SafePlace’s services, make sure to get in contact with our team. We guarantee you, your residents, and couriers will have a much easier time managing parcels going forward.