It has never been more important to create a Parcel SafePlace parcel room and market it as one of your key amenities. They reassure your residents that the items they order will be collected, properly stored and sorted until they are ready to pick them up. Here are five reasons your parcel room should be one of your amenities:

1. Online orders are on the rise

Online shopping has become such a big part of our everyday life that your parcel management system will be an influential factor in whether a resident chooses your development over another.

The need for secure delivery logistics solution is at an all-time high. According to Statista, the annual volume of packages shipped in the UK last year surpassed 4 billion, almost double the amount of the previous year and equivalent to 11.5m parcels being received each day. If your residential development can expect even 0.01% of the daily average of parcels being sent in the UK, that’s still 1,500 boxes, bags, or items coming through your doors.

2. Parcel rooms make a building fit for function

If you’re a property developer keen to set themselves apart from the competition or keep an existing reputation intact, the secret to happy residents and rental longevity is simple – design a building fit for purpose and don’t try and retrofit for demand.

You might not have realised how much residents value on-site team assistance when it comes to their online orders, as it’s common to think gyms and TV rooms are what matter most. In truth, it’s convenience and practicality that’s important to residents.

Effective parcel management isn’t just a luxury anymore for residential developments, it’s a necessity. But it’s a necessity that’s easy to overlook.

3. No need to retrofit

If a parcel logistic solution is overlooked at the development phase the most common fix is to bring down a unit. However, not all fixes are created equal. A Parcel SafePlace parcel room is designed with the intention of securely storing resident parcels and no amount of retrofitting an apartment or scrambling for additional space can compete with our benefits.

Many residential developments provide access to key amenities. Gyms, a roof terrace, co-working spaces, and cafe kiosks are all available, but not everyone will actually use these facilities. A parcel room will be used by every resident, so why not incorporate a practical solution into your space from the offset?

Remember, retrofitting a development for demand, instead of designing for purpose is often more trouble than it’s worth.

4. Happy property staff

Based on our delivery data of large UK residential buildings, the average BTR property receives around 6 parcels per unit each month. A property with 500 units should prepare to receive 3,100 parcels in a normal month and 4,500 in the peak months of the year.

With these numbers set to increase as e-commerce continues to grow, not having the right solution in place can have a negative impact on your on-site maintenance and operations teams. A Community Manager’s time is too valuable to be spent chasing parcels. However, you can’t use what you don’t have, and if your teams are struggling to manage the number of parcels they see every day, a new solution is needed.

5. Parcel rooms are safe and secure

As standard, Parcel SafePlace package rooms come with:

    • One-time-use access codes
    • 24–hour CCTV coverage
    • A full electronic logging system that registers:
      • Who has entered the room,
      • At what time the room was opened,
      • The user’s contact details.

What’s more, residents can order items online knowing they’ll never miss a delivery, and package rooms can also be used for dry-cleaning and grocery shopping. Ultimately, your room increases the amount of convenience residents will experience living in your development.

Parcel rooms from Parcel SafePlace offer a great deal of benefits to residents and staff. If you don’t currently have a room and would like to see one in action, reach out to a member of our team and discover the true benefits for yourself.

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